Being the leading manufacturer of wooden oars in Europe, Lahnakoski is a family enterprise where expertise and experience have been honed in three generations. The first woodwork shop was established in Lahnakoski in Western Finland in the 1930s. LAHNA products draw on decades of traditions - and you can certainly see and feel it. LAHNA oars, paddles, boathooks, flagpoles and other boating accessories are reliable and safe basic accessories for boaters, and they are also pleasant to use, look at and touch. Made of selected timber under the human eye by a human touch; this is the origin of LAHNA products. Light, warm and suited to hand. Made in Finland - of course.

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A good oar combines demanding technical properties and a pleasant feel. A good oar is balanced and of the right length. The blade must be light and the handle slightly heavier. The blade of a good oar moves beautifully in the water: it does not splash, bounce or create too much swirl. That is what a LAHNA oar is like. Made of wood. And exactly for that reason it is live, warm, flexible and light. Our extensive range provides the best oar for every boat.


LAHNA canoe paddles integrate excellent characteristics with beautiful and well-finished design. They are a joy to the eye and a pleasure to the user. LAHNA paddles are comfortable to use. Wood is a light, warm and flexible material, which conforms to its user. A wide product range together with excellent design guarantee that each canoeist is sure to find a paddle that suits the particular needs. As novelty a beautiful, warm and light SUP paddle in aspen and alder.


A wooden LAHNA kayak paddle is the most important tool for touring. The paddle with an ideal weight distribution is light to use, and the flexible wood is gentle to the muscles and joints of the user - it is easy to move on water. The paddle with a plastic blade is light and durable. It is a reliable allround paddle suited for both beginners and more experienced kayakists. As novelties warm and light cold water greenland paddles in aspen and alder and western red cedar.


Finished boating accessories render boating both safe and enjoyable. Every boat should have a reliable boathook, while good rowlocks and oar collars facilitate rowing and extend the service life of the oars. Drip rings keep your hands dry, and a flagpole gives the boat a finished appearance.