Marinetek is an internationally recognized brand name for premium marinas and advanced floating solutions. With industry's widest pontoon product range and our network of 300 marina experts around the world, Marinetek can match different customer needs from a custom-made floating structure to a world-class marina.

Marinetek offers concrete, steel, aluminum and timber pontoons, break waters, floating housing and marina equipment. Through collaborative partnerships, Marinetek provides its customers expertise and turnkey-services from design, manufacturing and installation to maintenance and modernization of marinas.

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Floating Solutions

Floating Solutions are an essential part of a modern marina and profitable waterfront development. Marinetek’s portfolio includes a variety of Floating Solutions for Integrated Marinas. Examples include service buildings, club houses, utility buildings, offices and cafés. Apart from the marina construction business, Marinetek also provides waterfront solutions such as Swimming Arenas, Activity Platforms, Floating Playgrounds, restaurants and bars, Floating Homes, floating boat sheds and many other structures that can be built to float.

Villa Pontoons

Marinetek offers a wide range of villa pontoons with concrete, plastic and Heavy Duty floats for all types of leisure activities. Stable, spacious and safe Villa Pontoons help you make the best use of your waterfront and are excellent places for the whole family to relax - just sit back and enjoy!

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Pontoons & Breakwaters

Over the last 15 years Marinetek has built 2 000 marinas in 35 countries, from Lapland to the Persian Gulf and Grenada in the Caribbean. Due to its extensive product range, Marinetek is now truly a One-stop-shop for Waterfront Solutions. Serving our worldwide customers in the best way every day and being able to deliver successful turnkey marina solutions are priorities that require constant progress. Marinetek's solid durable brand provides customers worldwide with high quality long-lasting products. The Marinetek network of experts, subcontractors and partners guarantees reliability and the finest attention to detail. We take pride in that no single unit has ever failed in any of the 2000 demanding projects delivered. See more references at


With a portfolio of marina equipment we can provide the widest product range. Whether it's a construction of a new marina, a refurbishment or an upgrade of an existing one we can provide the extra equipment you need. This carefully selected product range is made of products we know from years of experience complimented by a large variety of new products.