VA-Varuste is Northern Europe's leading maker of custom-made boat textiles. Our main products are boat canopies and boat cushions, seats and winter covers. Our boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field both in relation to quality and practical use. We have successfully served boat manufacturers for over 40 years. Many years of experience and up-to-date industrial techniques are merged in our production. Our efficient and modern facilities consistently produce high-quality products at competitive prices.

Siikaranta 14
70620 Kuopio
tel. +358 17 2659 500
fax. +358 17 2659 510

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Well-designed and quality-manufactured canopies bring added comfort and increase value of boat. The functionality, appearance and durability of the canopy are the key factors in enhancing the usability and appeal of boat. With 3D modelling applications, we can design accessory products alongside the design of new boat models.


Our boating cushions offer superior usability without sacrificing quality design. Our cushions are designed using 3D software, which enables the modelling of various alternatives without the need to invest in prototypes. This ensures fast design processes and optimizes cost-efficiency.


Our boat seats represent high-quality Finnish craftsmanship and combine ergonomics with modern design. Both models support the back from the side as well, and keep the driving position stable. The seat frames are made of injection-moulded, strong and tough plastic and are combined with robust aluminum casing.


Our winter cover offers winter storage protection that also preserves the value of boat. Winter cover is always tailored to conform with the model concerned. The installation and use of winter cover is operationally simple and easy. Frame is fastened to the boat's rails and cleats. The lightweight cover is very durable and UV protected.