Wallas-Marin Ltd was established in 1972. The company's product development and manufacturing facilities are located in Kaarina, Finland.

Wallas manufactures the following products:

BOAT PRODUCTS: Heaters, cookers and ovens for boats
COTTAGE PRODUCTS: Heaters for summer cottages
CAMPER PRODUCTS: Stove-heaters for camper vans

All Wallas products use diesel or paraffin oil as fuel. Although the products produce high amounts of heat energy, due to low power consumption the products are ideal for 12 V off-grid applications.

Both our products and our operations are characterized by high quality. The quality of the products is ensured by reliable construction of even the smallest parts. All our operations, ranging from design to packaging, are controlled by a quality system.

Kärrykatu 4
20780 Kaarina

Tel. +358 (0)2 4120 500


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Boat stoves

Wallas produces diesel and paraffin stoves,without an open flame. Moreover, they use non-explosive and non-pressurized fuel. Safety is our first concern, and no moisture is released comes into the cabin.

An unique Wallas product -stove with a heat blower lid, transforms your stove into a cabin heater.

Boat ovens

The Wallas 86 D convection marine oven is truly a one-of-a-kind design, providing genuine forced-air cooking by using safe diesel forced-air technology. Its baking result is excellent, as the heat is distributed evenly due to convection.

Wallas ovens can be gimbal mounted for the most demanding seagoing applications. The oven is constructed of rigid stainless steel.

Available either as a single oven 86 D or stove/oven combination model 87 D.

Boat heaters

Wallas is manufacturing both diesel and paraffin heaters.

Thank to the laminar combustion the measured sound level of Wallas is equivalent to a whisper in a library.

Low power consumption enables you to keep your boat warm, even with a small battery capacity.